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Famous Journalists

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 Alan Brien popularity 3/10  Alan Brien quotes1897 Dorothy Day popularity 8/10  Dorothy Day quotes
 Antoine Rivarol popularity 0/10  Antoine Rivarol quotes1897 Bernard De Voto popularity 0/10  Bernard De Voto quotes
 Art Spander popularity 0/10  Art Spander quotes1898 Alfred Eisenstaedt popularity 7/10  Alfred Eisenstaedt quotes
 Bruce Hicks popularity 0/10  Bruce Hicks quotes1898 Meyer Berger popularity 5/10  Meyer Berger quotes
 Celia Brayfield popularity 0/10  Celia Brayfield quotes1898 Malcolm Cowley popularity 2/10  Malcolm Cowley quotes
 David Broder popularity 6/10  David Broder quotes1900 Hal Borland popularity 6/10  Hal Borland quotes
 Elordi Garcia Insausti popularity 0/10  Elordi Garcia Insausti quotes1900 Ignazio Silone popularity 0/10  Ignazio Silone quotes
 Francis Bellamy popularity 6/10  Francis Bellamy quotes1900 Clementine Paddleford popularity 0/10  Clementine Paddleford quotes
 Frank I. Cobb popularity 0/10  Frank I. Cobb quotes1901 John Gunther popularity 6/10  John Gunther quotes
 Gamaliel Bailey popularity 0/10  Gamaliel Bailey quotes1901 Whittaker Chambers popularity 7/10  Whittaker Chambers quotes
 George Earle Buckle popularity 0/10  George Earle Buckle quotes1902 Carlos Drummond de Andrade popularity 0/10  Carlos Drummond de Andrade quotes
 Gerald W. Johnston popularity 0/10  Gerald W. Johnston quotes1904 Graham Greene popularity 8/10  Graham Greene quotes
 Hedrick Smith popularity 0/10  Hedrick Smith quotes1905 Arthur Koestler popularity 6/10  Arthur Koestler quotes
 Hendrik Willem Van Loon popularity 0/10  Hendrik Willem Van Loon quotes1906 A. J. P. Taylor popularity 0/10  A. J. P. Taylor quotes
 Henry DeMarest Lloyd popularity 6/10  Henry DeMarest Lloyd quotes1906 Mario Quintana popularity 0/10  Mario Quintana quotes
 I. F. Stone popularity 0/10  I. F. Stone quotes1907 Alberto Moravia popularity 6/10  Alberto Moravia quotes
 James Gordon Bennett popularity 5/10  James Gordon Bennett quotes1908 Alistair Cooke popularity 6/10  Alistair Cooke quotes
 Joel Achenbach popularity 0/10  Joel Achenbach quotes1908 Amy Vanderbilt popularity 6/10  Amy Vanderbilt quotes
 Minette Marin popularity 0/10  Minette Marin quotes1908 Edward R. Murrow popularity 7/10  Edward R. Murrow quotes
 Pamela Warrick popularity 0/10  Pamela Warrick quotes1908 Giovanni Guareschi popularity 5/10  Giovanni Guareschi quotes
 Peter Wallsten popularity 0/10  Peter Wallsten quotes1908 Harrison E. Salisbury popularity 2/10  Harrison E. Salisbury quotes
 Rebecca Harding Davis popularity 5/10  Rebecca Harding Davis quotes1908 Yousuf Karsh popularity 6/10  Yousuf Karsh quotes
 Roy W. Howard popularity 0/10  Roy W. Howard quotes1909 James Reston popularity 5/10  James Reston quotes
 William Lyon MacKenzie popularity 7/10  William Lyon MacKenzie quotes1911 Ernesto Sábato popularity 0/10  Ernesto Sábato quotes
1491 Saint Ignatius of Loyola popularity 5/10  Saint Ignatius of Loyola quotes1911 Chet Huntley popularity 5/10  Chet Huntley quotes
1725 John Wilkes popularity 6/10  John Wilkes quotes1912 Eric Sevareid popularity 5/10  Eric Sevareid quotes
1763 William Cobbett popularity 5/10  William Cobbett quotes1913 Mignon McLaughlin popularity 5/10  Mignon McLaughlin quotes
1802 George Dennison Prentice popularity 0/10  George Dennison Prentice quotes1913 Robertson Davies popularity 6/10  Robertson Davies quotes
1803 Douglas Jerrold popularity 0/10  Douglas Jerrold quotes1913 Robert Lembke popularity 0/10  Robert Lembke quotes
1805 William Lloyd Garrison popularity 8/10  William Lloyd Garrison quotes1914 Brendan Gill popularity 0/10  Brendan Gill quotes
1809 Pierre-Joseph Proudhon popularity 5/10  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon quotes1915 Theodore H. White popularity 5/10  Theodore H. White quotes
1809 Albert Pike popularity 8/10  Albert Pike quotes1916 Walter Cronkite popularity 8/10  Walter Cronkite quotes
1811 Theophile Gautier popularity 5/10  Theophile Gautier quotes1917 Sydney J. Harris popularity 5/10  Sydney J. Harris quotes
1819 Charles A. Dana popularity 0/10  Charles A. Dana quotes1918 Howard Cosell popularity 7/10  Howard Cosell quotes
1825 Bayard Taylor popularity 5/10  Bayard Taylor quotes1919 Andy Rooney popularity 8/10  Andy Rooney quotes
1831 Amelia E. Barr popularity 0/10  Amelia E. Barr quotes1920 Catherine Zandonella popularity 5/10  Catherine Zandonella quotes
1837 Abraham Kuyper popularity 3/10  Abraham Kuyper quotes1920 David Brinkley popularity 7/10  David Brinkley quotes
1838 H. R. Haweis popularity 0/10  H. R. Haweis quotes1920 Helen Thomas popularity 8/10  Helen Thomas quotes
1838 John Morley popularity 5/10  John Morley quotes1922 Phyllis Batelle popularity 0/10  Phyllis Batelle quotes
1841 Joaquin Miller popularity 5/10  Joaquin Miller quotes1923 Italo Calvino popularity 7/10  Italo Calvino quotes
1841 George Clemenceau popularity 6/10  George Clemenceau quotes1924 June Callwood popularity 0/10  June Callwood quotes
1842 Ambrose Bierce popularity 8/10  Ambrose Bierce quotes1924 Vincent Canby popularity 0/10  Vincent Canby quotes
1846 Charles Prestwich Scott popularity 0/10  Charles Prestwich Scott quotes1925 Shana Alexander popularity 8/10  Shana Alexander quotes
1847 Boleslaw Prus popularity 0/10  Boleslaw Prus quotes1925 Russell Baker popularity 7/10  Russell Baker quotes
1850 Eugene Field popularity 7/10  Eugene Field quotes1925 Carl T. Rowan popularity 6/10  Carl T. Rowan quotes
1855 Walter H(ines) Page popularity 0/10  Walter H(ines) Page quotes1925 Art Buchwald popularity 6/10  Art Buchwald quotes
1862 Josephus Daniels popularity 6/10  Josephus Daniels quotes1926 Doris Lilly popularity 3/10  Doris Lilly quotes
1863 A. Guignon popularity 0/10  A. Guignon quotes1927 Midge Decter popularity 0/10  Midge Decter quotes
1864 Richard Harding Davis popularity 3/10  Richard Harding Davis quotes1928 Harold Evans popularity 0/10  Harold Evans quotes
1865 William Lyon Phelps popularity 2/10  William Lyon Phelps quotes1928 Bernard Levin popularity 6/10  Bernard Levin quotes
1866 Tristan Bernard popularity 0/10  Tristan Bernard quotes1928 William Kennedy popularity 6/10  William Kennedy quotes
1866 Lincoln Steffens popularity 8/10  Lincoln Steffens quotes1929 Jimmy Breslin popularity 6/10  Jimmy Breslin quotes
1866 George Ade popularity 5/10  George Ade quotes1930 Antony Jay popularity 0/10  Antony Jay quotes
1866 H. G. Wells popularity 6/10  H. G. Wells quotes1931 Dan Rather popularity 9/10  Dan Rather quotes
1867 Finley Peter Dunne popularity 5/10  Finley Peter Dunne quotes1931 Morley Safer popularity 6/10  Morley Safer quotes
1868 William Allen White popularity 6/10  William Allen White quotes1932 Mike Royko popularity 6/10  Mike Royko quotes
1870 Dorothy Dix popularity 7/10  Dorothy Dix quotes1934 Joan Didion popularity 6/10  Joan Didion quotes
1870 David Gayson popularity 0/10  David Gayson quotes1934 Charles Kuralt popularity 6/10  Charles Kuralt quotes
1870 DAVID GRAYSON popularity 5/10  DAVID GRAYSON quotes1934 Bill Moyers popularity 8/10  Bill Moyers quotes
1873 Paul Keller popularity 6/10  Paul Keller quotes1936 Jill Tweedie popularity 0/10  Jill Tweedie quotes
1874 Karl Kraus popularity 1/10  Karl Kraus quotes1936 June Jordan popularity 5/10  June Jordan quotes
1874 Holbrook Jackson popularity 1/10  Holbrook Jackson quotes1936 Rona Barrett popularity 6/10  Rona Barrett quotes
1874 Harold L. Ickes popularity 3/10  Harold L. Ickes quotes1937 Jilly Cooper popularity 6/10  Jilly Cooper quotes
1874 Zona Gale popularity 6/10  Zona Gale quotes1937 Hunter S. Thompson popularity 9/10  Hunter S. Thompson quotes
1876 Irvin S. Cobb popularity 0/10  Irvin S. Cobb quotes1938 Judith Martin popularity 6/10  Judith Martin quotes
1879 Robert Lynd popularity 5/10  Robert Lynd quotes1938 Alan Coren popularity 0/10  Alan Coren quotes
1879 Simeon Strunsky popularity 0/10  Simeon Strunsky quotes1939 Lance Morrow popularity 0/10  Lance Morrow quotes
1880 Henry Louis Mencken popularity 5/10  Henry Louis Mencken quotes1941 Donella Meadows popularity 6/10  Donella Meadows quotes
1881 Franklin Pierce Adams popularity 3/10  Franklin Pierce Adams quotes1941 Ellen Goodman popularity 6/10  Ellen Goodman quotes
1881 Giovanni Papini popularity 5/10  Giovanni Papini quotes1942 David R. Gergen popularity 0/10  David R. Gergen quotes
1882 George Jean Nathan popularity 3/10  George Jean Nathan quotes1944 Carl Bernstein popularity 7/10  Carl Bernstein quotes
1882 Herbert Bayard Swope popularity 0/10  Herbert Bayard Swope quotes1945 Diane Sawyer popularity 8/10  Diane Sawyer quotes
1882 J. C. Squire popularity 0/10  J. C. Squire quotes1946 Belva Porter popularity 0/10  Belva Porter quotes
1882 Anne O'Hare McCormick popularity 0/10  Anne O'Hare McCormick quotes1946 Marilyn vos Savant popularity 7/10  Marilyn vos Savant quotes
1882 Subrahmanya C. Bharati popularity 0/10  Subrahmanya C. Bharati quotes1947 P. J. O'Rourke popularity 0/10  P. J. O'Rourke quotes
1883 Max Eastman popularity 0/10  Max Eastman quotes1948 Albert Gore popularity 6/10  Albert Gore quotes
1883 John Maynard Keynes popularity 8/10  John Maynard Keynes quotes1949 Christopher Hitchens popularity 8/10  Christopher Hitchens quotes
1884 Damon Runyon popularity 6/10  Damon Runyon quotes1950 Andrew Brown popularity 6/10  Andrew Brown quotes
1885 Anna Louise Strong popularity 6/10  Anna Louise Strong quotes1950 Peggy Noonan popularity 8/10  Peggy Noonan quotes
1887 Floyd Dell popularity 5/10  Floyd Dell quotes1950 Jane Pauley popularity 8/10  Jane Pauley quotes
1889 Walter Lippmann popularity 0/10  Walter Lippmann quotes1951 Jane Howard popularity 3/10  Jane Howard quotes
1890 Alan Herbert popularity 0/10  Alan Herbert quotes1951 Arturo Perez Reverte popularity 6/10  Arturo Perez Reverte quotes
1890 Gene Fowler popularity 3/10  Gene Fowler quotes1952 Maureen Dowd popularity 8/10  Maureen Dowd quotes
1892 Janet Flanner popularity 5/10  Janet Flanner quotes1953 Anna Quindlen popularity 7/10  Anna Quindlen quotes
1893 S.N. Behrman popularity 0/10  S.N. Behrman quotes1957 Matt Lauer popularity 9/10  Matt Lauer quotes
1894 Westbrook Pegler popularity 6/10  Westbrook Pegler quotes1957 Katie Couric popularity 10/10  Katie Couric quotes
1894 Adela Rogers St. Johns popularity 3/10  Adela Rogers St. Johns quotes1960 Neil Gaiman popularity 8/10  Neil Gaiman quotes
1894 Dorothy Thompson popularity 5/10  Dorothy Thompson quotes1961 Chuck Palahniuk popularity 8/10  Chuck Palahniuk quotes
1894 Brooks Atkinson popularity 5/10  Brooks Atkinson quotes1961 David Brooks popularity 6/10  David Brooks quotes
1895 Dolores Ibarruri (Pasionaria) popularity 0/10  Dolores Ibarruri (Pasionaria) quotes 
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