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Famous Authors

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 Alice Paul popularity 8/10  Alice Paul quotes George Savile popularity 0/10  George Savile quotes
 Amy Vanderbilt popularity 6/10  Amy Vanderbilt quotes Georges Duhamel popularity 0/10  Georges Duhamel quotes
 Anais Nin popularity 8/10  Anais Nin quotes Frederick Douglass popularity 10/10  Frederick Douglass quotes
 Anita Brookner popularity 3/10  Anita Brookner quotes Fritjof Capra popularity 0/10  Fritjof Capra quotes
 Anita Hill popularity 8/10  Anita Hill quotes Fritz Eckhardt popularity 0/10  Fritz Eckhardt quotes
 Ann Taylor popularity 9/10  Ann Taylor quotes G. H. Lewes popularity 0/10  G. H. Lewes quotes
 Anna Lappe popularity 0/10  Anna Lappe quotes G. W. von Leibnitz popularity 0/10  G. W. von Leibnitz quotes
 Anna Louise Strong popularity 6/10  Anna Louise Strong quotes Francis John McConnell popularity 0/10  Francis John McConnell quotes
 Anna Quindlen popularity 7/10  Anna Quindlen quotes François de la Rochefoucauld popularity 0/10  François de la Rochefoucauld quotes
 Anne Frank popularity 10/10  Anne Frank quotes François R. Chateaubriand popularity 0/10  François R. Chateaubriand quotes
 Anne Lamott popularity 8/10  Anne Lamott quotes Francois Rabelais popularity 7/10  Francois Rabelais quotes
 Anne Rice popularity 0/10  Anne Rice quotes Eric Ambler popularity 5/10  Eric Ambler quotes
 Arundhati Roy popularity 8/10  Arundhati Roy quotes Frank Herbert popularity 7/10  Frank Herbert quotes
 Barbara Marx Hubbard popularity 6/10  Barbara Marx Hubbard quotes Emmet Fox popularity 7/10  Emmet Fox quotes
 Barbara Sher popularity 7/10  Barbara Sher quotes Eric Linklater popularity 6/10  Eric Linklater quotes
 Barbara W. Tuchman popularity 1/10  Barbara W. Tuchman quotes Erle Stanley Gardner popularity 6/10  Erle Stanley Gardner quotes
 Beatrix Potter popularity 8/10  Beatrix Potter quotes Edmondo De Amicis popularity 0/10  Edmondo De Amicis quotes
 Bertha Damon popularity 0/10  Bertha Damon quotes Edmund Gosse popularity 5/10  Edmund Gosse quotes
 Bette Greene popularity 6/10  Bette Greene quotes Edward Gorey popularity 8/10  Edward Gorey quotes
 Betty Smith (writer) popularity 0/10  Betty Smith (writer) quotes Edward Koch popularity 5/10  Edward Koch quotes
 Brenda Hammond popularity 0/10  Brenda Hammond quotes Edwin Hubbel Chapin popularity 0/10  Edwin Hubbel Chapin quotes
 Brenda Ueland popularity 3/10  Brenda Ueland quotes Dr. Terry Lyles popularity 0/10  Dr. Terry Lyles quotes
 Brittany Renée popularity 0/10  Brittany Renée quotes Dr. Theodore Schick popularity 0/10  Dr. Theodore Schick quotes
 Carol Tavris popularity 0/10  Carol Tavris quotes E. L. Doctorow popularity 6/10  E. L. Doctorow quotes
 Claude Roy popularity 0/10  Claude Roy quotes Dick Sutphen popularity 7/10  Dick Sutphen quotes
 Daisy Ashford popularity 0/10  Daisy Ashford quotes Dominique Bouhours popularity 0/10  Dominique Bouhours quotes
 Diane Long Hoeveler popularity 0/10  Diane Long Hoeveler quotes Deepak Chopra popularity 8/10  Deepak Chopra quotes
 Dr. Rosemary Sassoon popularity 0/10  Dr. Rosemary Sassoon quotes Denis Waitley popularity 6/10  Denis Waitley quotes
 Edith Hamilton popularity 6/10  Edith Hamilton quotes Derek Jarman popularity 5/10  Derek Jarman quotes
 Dr. Joyce Brothers popularity 6/10  Dr. Joyce Brothers quotes D.T. Suzuki popularity 0/10  D.T. Suzuki quotes
 Eileen Hehl popularity 0/10  Eileen Hehl quotes Dr. Howard Tullman popularity 0/10  Dr. Howard Tullman quotes
 Elizabeth Bibesco popularity 0/10  Elizabeth Bibesco quotes Dale Carnegie popularity 9/10  Dale Carnegie quotes
 Elizabeth Keckley popularity 6/10  Elizabeth Keckley quotes Dan Brown popularity 9/10  Dan Brown quotes
 Elizabeth Wurtzel popularity 7/10  Elizabeth Wurtzel quotes Daniel Quinn popularity 0/10  Daniel Quinn quotes
 Emily Bronte popularity 8/10  Emily Bronte quotes Dante Alighieri popularity 8/10  Dante Alighieri quotes
 Francesca Lia Block popularity 0/10  Francesca Lia Block quotes Clifton Fadiman popularity 1/10  Clifton Fadiman quotes
 Gabriella Goddard popularity 0/10  Gabriella Goddard quotes Colin Wilson popularity 7/10  Colin Wilson quotes
 Gail Sheehy popularity 6/10  Gail Sheehy quotes David DeAngelo popularity 0/10  David DeAngelo quotes
 Grace Speare popularity 2/10  Grace Speare quotes David Gemmell popularity 7/10  David Gemmell quotes
 Gül Witt popularity 0/10  Gül Witt quotes David J. Bosch popularity 0/10  David J. Bosch quotes
 Harriet Beecher Stowe popularity 9/10  Harriet Beecher Stowe quotes David Shenk popularity 0/10  David Shenk quotes
 Harriet McBryde Johnson popularity 0/10  Harriet McBryde Johnson quotes Carl Stoddard popularity 0/10  Carl Stoddard quotes
 Harrison E. Salisbury popularity 2/10  Harrison E. Salisbury quotes Charles Buxton popularity 5/10  Charles Buxton quotes
 Helen Keller popularity 10/10  Helen Keller quotes Charles Darwin popularity 9/10  Charles Darwin quotes
 Ilya Selvinskiy popularity 0/10  Ilya Selvinskiy quotes Charles Dibdin popularity 0/10  Charles Dibdin quotes
 Ingrid Bengis popularity 0/10  Ingrid Bengis quotes Charles Dudley Warner popularity 5/10  Charles Dudley Warner quotes
 Isla Fisher popularity 8/10  Isla Fisher quotes Carlos Castaneda popularity 8/10  Carlos Castaneda quotes
 Jan Denise popularity 0/10  Jan Denise quotes Carlos Casteneda popularity 7/10  Carlos Casteneda quotes
 Joyce Carol Oates popularity 8/10  Joyce Carol Oates quotes Christian Nestell Bovee popularity 0/10  Christian Nestell Bovee quotes
 Judith Martin popularity 6/10  Judith Martin quotes Christopher Hitchens popularity 8/10  Christopher Hitchens quotes
 Kate Douglas Wiggin popularity 6/10  Kate Douglas Wiggin quotes Christopher Isherwood popularity 6/10  Christopher Isherwood quotes
 Kate Millett popularity 5/10  Kate Millett quotes Brian Koslow popularity 0/10  Brian Koslow quotes
 Kelli Jae Baeli popularity 0/10  Kelli Jae Baeli quotes Bruce Lansky popularity 8/10  Bruce Lansky quotes
 June Masters Bacher popularity 0/10  June Masters Bacher quotes Buddy Hackett popularity 7/10  Buddy Hackett quotes
 Larina Kase popularity 0/10  Larina Kase quotes C.F. Ramuz popularity 0/10  C.F. Ramuz quotes
 Leslie Ludy popularity 0/10  Leslie Ludy quotes Bill Vaughn popularity 5/10  Bill Vaughn quotes
 Laura Ingalls Wilder popularity 9/10  Laura Ingalls Wilder quotes Bill Watterson popularity 8/10  Bill Watterson quotes
 Louisa May Alcott popularity 8/10  Louisa May Alcott quotes Black Elk popularity 7/10  Black Elk quotes
 Madame Benoit popularity 0/10  Madame Benoit quotes Bowyer Bell popularity 0/10  Bowyer Bell quotes
 Marcia Wieder popularity 1/10  Marcia Wieder quotes Anthony Beal popularity 0/10  Anthony Beal quotes
 Margaret Culkin Banning popularity 0/10  Margaret Culkin Banning quotes Ben Sweetland popularity 5/10  Ben Sweetland quotes
 Marianne Williamson popularity 8/10  Marianne Williamson quotes Benjamin Spock popularity 6/10  Benjamin Spock quotes
 Meg Cabot popularity 0/10  Meg Cabot quotes Bennett Cerf popularity 6/10  Bennett Cerf quotes
 Michelle L. Buckley popularity 0/10  Michelle L. Buckley quotes Barrie Pepper popularity 0/10  Barrie Pepper quotes
 Molly Haskell popularity 0/10  Molly Haskell quotes Barrows Dunham popularity 0/10  Barrows Dunham quotes
 Natalia Ginzburg popularity 5/10  Natalia Ginzburg quotes Ashleigh Brilliant popularity 6/10  Ashleigh Brilliant quotes
 Natalie Babbitt popularity 0/10  Natalie Babbitt quotes Antoine de Saint-Exupery popularity 6/10  Antoine de Saint-Exupery quotes
 Noela Evans popularity 0/10  Noela Evans quotes Archie M. Richards, Jr. popularity 0/10  Archie M. Richards, Jr. quotes
 Pamela Hansford Johnson popularity 0/10  Pamela Hansford Johnson quotes Arianna Stassinopoulos popularity 0/10  Arianna Stassinopoulos quotes
 Pauline Kael popularity 7/10  Pauline Kael quotes Andrew Brown popularity 6/10  Andrew Brown quotes
 Rachel Field popularity 7/10  Rachel Field quotes Aesop popularity 8/10  Aesop quotes
 Rita Golden Gelman popularity 0/10  Rita Golden Gelman quotes Alan Dean Foster popularity 6/10  Alan Dean Foster quotes
 Rhoberta Shaler, PhD popularity 0/10  Rhoberta Shaler, PhD quotes Albert Pine popularity 0/10  Albert Pine quotes
 Sarah Dessen popularity 0/10  Sarah Dessen quotes Aleister Crowley popularity 9/10  Aleister Crowley quotes
 Sei Shonagon popularity 0/10  Sei Shonagon quotes Alex Carey popularity 3/10  Alex Carey quotes
 Sydney Biddle Barrows popularity 2/10  Sydney Biddle Barrows quotes Alex Haley popularity 9/10  Alex Haley quotes
 Valerie Solanas popularity 6/10  Valerie Solanas quotes Alfred A. Montapert popularity 0/10  Alfred A. Montapert quotes
 Sophie Dahl popularity 8/10  Sophie Dahl quotes Alfred Sheinwold popularity 0/10  Alfred Sheinwold quotes
 Willa Sibert Cather popularity 0/10  Willa Sibert Cather quotes Allan Cunningham popularity 5/10  Allan Cunningham quotes
 William Arthur Ward popularity 6/10  William Arthur Ward quotes Alphonse Karr popularity 5/10  Alphonse Karr quotes
 William Bennett popularity 7/10  William Bennett quotes Alvin Toffler popularity 7/10  Alvin Toffler quotes
 William Camden popularity 5/10  William Camden quotesAlyce P. Cornyn-Selby popularity 0/10  Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby quotes
 William Ellery Channing popularity 6/10  William Ellery Channing quotesAlice May Brock popularity 0/10  Alice May Brock quotes
 Sun Tzu popularity 8/10  Sun Tzu quotesA. Lou Vickery popularity 0/10  A. Lou Vickery quotes
 Toyohiko Kagawa popularity 5/10  Toyohiko Kagawa quotesA. P. Herbert popularity 0/10  A. P. Herbert quotes
 Vash Young popularity 0/10  Vash Young quotesAddison Gayle, Jr. popularity 0/10  Addison Gayle, Jr. quotes
 Virgil popularity 8/10  Virgil quotesAlfred L. Kroeber popularity 0/10  Alfred L. Kroeber quotes
 Vladimir Nabokov popularity 6/10  Vladimir Nabokov quotesAlice Roosevelt Longworth popularity 5/10  Alice Roosevelt Longworth quotes
 W. Clement Stone popularity 6/10  W. Clement Stone quotesAnna Cora Mowatt popularity 5/10  Anna Cora Mowatt quotes
 Walter H(ines) Page popularity 0/10  Walter H(ines) Page quotesArnold Lobel popularity 0/10  Arnold Lobel quotes
 Wayne Dyer popularity 8/10  Wayne Dyer quotesArt Linkletter popularity 8/10  Art Linkletter quotes
 Wilbur J. Chapman popularity 0/10  Wilbur J. Chapman quotesAnnie Dillard popularity 8/10  Annie Dillard quotes
 Will Ferguson popularity 0/10  Will Ferguson quotesB. F. Skinner popularity 7/10  B. F. Skinner quotes
 Will Smith popularity 10/10  Will Smith quotesBarbara Deming popularity 0/10  Barbara Deming quotes
 Sydney J. Harris popularity 5/10  Sydney J. Harris quotesBenjamin Constant popularity 6/10  Benjamin Constant quotes
 Tad Williams popularity 0/10  Tad Williams quotesAntiphilus of Byzantium popularity 0/10  Antiphilus of Byzantium quotes
 Tim Lahaye popularity 0/10  Tim Lahaye quotesBen Okri popularity 6/10  Ben Okri quotes
 Timothy Leary popularity 8/10  Timothy Leary quotesBill Moyers popularity 8/10  Bill Moyers quotes
 Theodor Reik popularity 0/10  Theodor Reik quotesCarl Hiaasen popularity 8/10  Carl Hiaasen quotes
 Theodore Epp popularity 0/10  Theodore Epp quotesBrian W. Aldiss popularity 5/10  Brian W. Aldiss quotes
 Thomas Andrew Bailey popularity 0/10  Thomas Andrew Bailey quotesBrendan Gill popularity 0/10  Brendan Gill quotes
 Thomas J. Peters popularity 5/10  Thomas J. Peters quotesCharles G. Dawes popularity 3/10  Charles G. Dawes quotes
 Thomas Jefferson popularity 10/10  Thomas Jefferson quotesCarl Van Doren popularity 2/10  Carl Van Doren quotes
 Thomas Love Peacock popularity 5/10  Thomas Love Peacock quotesBrock Tully popularity 5/10  Brock Tully quotes
 Thomas Steinbeck popularity 0/10  Thomas Steinbeck quotesCaroline Myss popularity 8/10  Caroline Myss quotes
 Thomas W. Higginson popularity 0/10  Thomas W. Higginson quotesCarolyn Wells popularity 5/10  Carolyn Wells quotes
 Winston Churchill popularity 10/10  Winston Churchill quotesCatharine Esther Beecher popularity 2/10  Catharine Esther Beecher quotes
 Woody Allen popularity 8/10  Woody Allen quotesDavid Thornburg popularity 0/10  David Thornburg quotes
 Xenophon popularity 7/10  Xenophon quotesDean Koontz popularity 8/10  Dean Koontz quotes
 Zane Grey popularity 8/10  Zane Grey quotesDavid Jeremiah popularity 8/10  David Jeremiah quotes
 Zig Ziglar popularity 8/10  Zig Ziglar quotesDavid Harold Fink popularity 0/10  David Harold Fink quotes
 William Kennedy popularity 6/10  William Kennedy quotesDavid Eddings popularity 8/10  David Eddings quotes
 William Makepeace Thackeray popularity 6/10  William Makepeace Thackeray quotesCurt Goetz popularity 3/10  Curt Goetz quotes
 Sidney A. Friedman popularity 0/10  Sidney A. Friedman quotesDavid C. McCullough popularity 0/10  David C. McCullough quotes
 Simon Haynes popularity 0/10  Simon Haynes quotesDorothy Law Nolte popularity 5/10  Dorothy Law Nolte quotes
 Samuel Smiles popularity 5/10  Samuel Smiles quotesDorothy Thompson popularity 5/10  Dorothy Thompson quotes
 Sir Thomas Malory popularity 7/10  Sir Thomas Malory quotesEarl Nightingale popularity 7/10  Earl Nightingale quotes
 Richard Hooker popularity 6/10  Richard Hooker quotesEdwin P. Whipple popularity 0/10  Edwin P. Whipple quotes
 Richard Marcinko popularity 7/10  Richard Marcinko quotesErnest Holmes popularity 7/10  Ernest Holmes quotes
 Raymond Queneau popularity 5/10  Raymond Queneau quotesFaith Baldwin popularity 5/10  Faith Baldwin quotes
 Russel H. Conwell popularity 0/10  Russel H. Conwell quotesEpicharmus popularity 0/10  Epicharmus quotes
 Sam Levenson popularity 5/10  Sam Levenson quotesElton Trueblood popularity 5/10  Elton Trueblood quotes
 Rob McBride popularity 0/10  Rob McBride quotesElizabeth Stuart Phelps popularity 3/10  Elizabeth Stuart Phelps quotes
 Robert Anton Wilson popularity 7/10  Robert Anton Wilson quotesElizabeth Coatsworth popularity 7/10  Elizabeth Coatsworth quotes
 Robert Bateman popularity 0/10  Robert Bateman quotesElizabeth Hardwick popularity 3/10  Elizabeth Hardwick quotes
 Robert H. Schuller popularity 5/10  Robert H. Schuller quotesElisabeth Kubler-Ross popularity 7/10  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross quotes
 Robert Hughes popularity 6/10  Robert Hughes quotesDr. Robert Anthony popularity 6/10  Dr. Robert Anthony quotes
 Robert Inchausti popularity 0/10  Robert Inchausti quotesFreda Adler popularity 5/10  Freda Adler quotes
 Robert Kennedy, Jr. popularity 0/10  Robert Kennedy, Jr. quotesFrederick Buechner popularity 7/10  Frederick Buechner quotes
 Robert Kiyosaki popularity 8/10  Robert Kiyosaki quotesEric Butterworth popularity 6/10  Eric Butterworth quotes
 Robert Louis Stevenson popularity 8/10  Robert Louis Stevenson quotesFrancoise Mallet-Joris popularity 0/10  Francoise Mallet-Joris quotes
 Robert S. Mendelsohn popularity 0/10  Robert S. Mendelsohn quotesGary Ryan Blair popularity 3/10  Gary Ryan Blair quotes
 Robertson Davies popularity 6/10  Robertson Davies quotesGary Wills popularity 5/10  Gary Wills quotes
 Roger Babson popularity 3/10  Roger Babson quotesGary Zukav popularity 7/10  Gary Zukav quotes
 Ronald Rood popularity 0/10  Ronald Rood quotesGeorgia Douglas Johnson popularity 6/10  Georgia Douglas Johnson quotes
 Nicholas Sparks popularity 8/10  Nicholas Sparks quotesGertrude Franklin Atherton popularity 0/10  Gertrude Franklin Atherton quotes
 Plutarch popularity 7/10  Plutarch quotesGiacomo Girolamo Casanova-Seingalt popularity 0/10  Giacomo Girolamo Casanova-Seingalt quotes
 Primo Levi popularity 7/10  Primo Levi quotesGeorge Sheehan popularity 6/10  George Sheehan quotes
 Publilius Syrus popularity 5/10  Publilius Syrus quotesGeorge William Curtis popularity 3/10  George William Curtis quotes
 Quentin Crisp popularity 6/10  Quentin Crisp quotesGeorge B. Leonard popularity 0/10  George B. Leonard quotes
 R. Scott Bakker popularity 3/10  R. Scott Bakker quotesGrenville Kleiser popularity 5/10  Grenville Kleiser quotes
 Paulo Coelho popularity 7/10  Paulo Coelho quotesH. Jackson Brown, Jr. popularity 0/10  H. Jackson Brown, Jr. quotes
 Norton Juster popularity 0/10  Norton Juster quotesGwen Randall-Young popularity 0/10  Gwen Randall-Young quotes
 Orson Scott Card popularity 8/10  Orson Scott Card quotesHarold R. McAlindon popularity 3/10  Harold R. McAlindon quotes
 Oscar Hammerstein II popularity 6/10  Oscar Hammerstein II quotesHavelock Ellis popularity 6/10  Havelock Ellis quotes
 Ovid popularity 8/10  Ovid quotesHenry Sidgwick popularity 6/10  Henry Sidgwick quotes
 Myriam Miedzian popularity 0/10  Myriam Miedzian quotesHenry Taylor popularity 6/10  Henry Taylor quotes
 Max Eastman popularity 0/10  Max Eastman quotesHenry Beard popularity 0/10  Henry Beard quotes
 Mignon McLaughlin popularity 5/10  Mignon McLaughlin quotesHenry De Montherlant popularity 0/10  Henry De Montherlant quotes
 Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra popularity 6/10  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra quotesHomer popularity 10/10  Homer quotes
 Miguel de Unamuno popularity 7/10  Miguel de Unamuno quotesHorace G. Hutchinson popularity 0/10  Horace G. Hutchinson quotes
 Michael Eric Dyson popularity 0/10  Michael Eric Dyson quotesHorace Smith popularity 0/10  Horace Smith quotes
 Michael Joseph Barry popularity 0/10  Michael Joseph Barry quotesHoward Pyle popularity 7/10  Howard Pyle quotes
 Michael Moore popularity 9/10  Michael Moore quotesHerbert A. Otto popularity 0/10  Herbert A. Otto quotes
 Mark Danielewski popularity 3/10  Mark Danielewski quotesHerman Cain popularity 6/10  Herman Cain quotes
 Julian Barnes popularity 5/10  Julian Barnes quotesHerodotus popularity 8/10  Herodotus quotes
 M. Scott Peck popularity 6/10  M. Scott Peck quotesI. F. Stone popularity 0/10  I. F. Stone quotes
 Maltbie Davenport Babcock popularity 0/10  Maltbie Davenport Babcock quotesIrvin S. Cobb popularity 0/10  Irvin S. Cobb quotes
 Manly Hall popularity 5/10  Manly Hall quotesJacob Bigelow popularity 2/10  Jacob Bigelow quotes
 Marcel Proust popularity 8/10  Marcel Proust quotesJacob Braude popularity 0/10  Jacob Braude quotes
 Louise L. Hay popularity 6/10  Louise L. Hay quotesJames Agate popularity 0/10  James Agate quotes
 Les Brown popularity 8/10  Les Brown quotesJames Womack popularity 6/10  James Womack quotes
 Lionel Trilling popularity 5/10  Lionel Trilling quotesJames Cone popularity 6/10  James Cone quotes
 Lloyd Alexander popularity 7/10  Lloyd Alexander quotesJames Freeman Clarke popularity 3/10  James Freeman Clarke quotes
 Lope de Vega popularity 7/10  Lope de Vega quotesJean Toomer popularity 8/10  Jean Toomer quotes
 Larry Christenson popularity 0/10  Larry Christenson quotesJerome K. Jerome popularity 5/10  Jerome K. Jerome quotes
 Larry Kersten popularity 0/10  Larry Kersten quotesJohn B. Priestly popularity 0/10  John B. Priestly quotes
 Kent Keith popularity 0/10  Kent Keith quotesJohn Bradshaw popularity 7/10  John Bradshaw quotes
 Kent Nerburn popularity 5/10  Kent Nerburn quotesJohn Brougham popularity 0/10  John Brougham quotes
 Jules Carlysle popularity 0/10  Jules Carlysle quotesJulia Ward Howe popularity 7/10  Julia Ward Howe quotes
 Jules Verne popularity 8/10  Jules Verne quotesKate Chopin popularity 9/10  Kate Chopin quotes
 Jim Rohn popularity 7/10  Jim Rohn quotesLouis L'Amour popularity 0/10  Louis L'Amour quotes
 Jimmy D. Moore popularity 0/10  Jimmy D. Moore quotesLouis Veuillot popularity 0/10  Louis Veuillot quotes
 Joe Lacey popularity 0/10  Joe Lacey quotesLydia M. Child popularity 0/10  Lydia M. Child quotes
 Joey Adams popularity 6/10  Joey Adams quotesMargaret Halsey popularity 5/10  Margaret Halsey quotes
 John Bunyan popularity 7/10  John Bunyan quotesMargaret Mahy popularity 5/10  Margaret Mahy quotes
 John C. Maxwell popularity 7/10  John C. Maxwell quotesMargaret Mitchell popularity 7/10  Margaret Mitchell quotes
 John Maxwell popularity 8/10  John Maxwell quotesMargot Asquith popularity 1/10  Margot Asquith quotes
 John Newton popularity 8/10  John Newton quotesMary Lou Cook popularity 0/10  Mary Lou Cook quotes
 John Weitz popularity 3/10  John Weitz quotesMaxwell Maltz popularity 6/10  Maxwell Maltz quotes
 Jon Krakauer popularity 0/10  Jon Krakauer quotesMay Sarton popularity 6/10  May Sarton quotes
 Jon McGregor popularity 0/10  Jon McGregor quotesMordecai Richler popularity 6/10  Mordecai Richler quotes
 Jonathan Safran Foer popularity 6/10  Jonathan Safran Foer quotesNapoleon Hill popularity 8/10  Napoleon Hill quotes
 Jonathan Swift popularity 8/10  Jonathan Swift quotesNiccolo Machiavelli popularity 8/10  Niccolo Machiavelli quotes
 Joseph Campbell popularity 8/10  Joseph Campbell quotesP.A. Caron de Beaumarchais popularity 0/10  P.A. Caron de Beaumarchais quotes
 Jaron Lanier popularity 5/10  Jaron Lanier quotesPearl S. Buck popularity 8/10  Pearl S. Buck quotes
 Jean Nicholas Grou popularity 0/10  Jean Nicholas Grou quotesPeggy Noonan popularity 8/10  Peggy Noonan quotes
 James Arthur Ray popularity 0/10  James Arthur Ray quotesPierre Choderlos de Laclos popularity 0/10  Pierre Choderlos de Laclos quotes
 James George Frazer popularity 0/10  James George Frazer quotesPierre Nicole popularity 5/10  Pierre Nicole quotes
 Ivan Turgenev popularity 6/10  Ivan Turgenev quotesPastor Mark Correll popularity 0/10  Pastor Mark Correll quotes
 J. B. Bossuet popularity 0/10  J. B. Bossuet quotesPatanjali popularity 7/10  Patanjali quotes
 J. Donald Walters popularity 0/10  J. Donald Walters quotesPaul Engle popularity 2/10  Paul Engle quotes
 J. P. Donleavy popularity 3/10  J. P. Donleavy quotesNoah benShea popularity 0/10  Noah benShea quotes
 J.C. Macaulay popularity 0/10  J.C. Macaulay quotesRainer Maria Rilke popularity 7/10  Rainer Maria Rilke quotes
 J.R.R. Tolkien popularity 8/10  J.R.R. Tolkien quotesRalph Ellison popularity 8/10  Ralph Ellison quotes
 Gillis Triplett popularity 0/10  Gillis Triplett quotesRose F. Kennedy popularity 0/10  Rose F. Kennedy quotes
 Ian Mcewan popularity 7/10  Ian Mcewan quotesRoyall Tyler popularity 6/10  Royall Tyler quotes
 Howard Zinn popularity 8/10  Howard Zinn quotesRobert Byrne popularity 5/10  Robert Byrne quotes
 Hugh Prather popularity 5/10  Hugh Prather quotesRobert Chambers popularity 6/10  Robert Chambers quotes
 Hunter S. Thompson popularity 9/10  Hunter S. Thompson quotesRobert Collier popularity 6/10  Robert Collier quotes
 Henry Wotton, Sr. popularity 0/10  Henry Wotton, Sr. quotesRobert Fulghum popularity 6/10  Robert Fulghum quotes
 Holbrook Jackson popularity 1/10  Holbrook Jackson quotesSamuel Griswold Goodrich popularity 0/10  Samuel Griswold Goodrich quotes
 Heinrich Hoffman popularity 5/10  Heinrich Hoffman quotesS. J. Perelman popularity 5/10  S. J. Perelman quotes
 Heinrich Nusse popularity 0/10  Heinrich Nusse quotesRebecca Harding Davis popularity 5/10  Rebecca Harding Davis quotes
 Heinrich Wiesner popularity 0/10  Heinrich Wiesner quotesSir Julian Huxley popularity 5/10  Sir Julian Huxley quotes
 Henry Miller popularity 8/10  Henry Miller quotesSiegfried Sassoon popularity 8/10  Siegfried Sassoon quotes
 Henry Rollins popularity 9/10  Henry Rollins quotesScott Reed popularity 5/10  Scott Reed quotes
 H. P Lovecraft popularity 5/10  H. P Lovecraft quotesWilliam McFee popularity 0/10  William McFee quotes
 H. R. Haweis popularity 0/10  H. R. Haweis quotesThucydides popularity 8/10  Thucydides quotes
 Hans Christian Andersen popularity 8/10  Hans Christian Andersen quotesTom Hopkins popularity 7/10  Tom Hopkins quotes
 Harold Nicolson popularity 0/10  Harold Nicolson quotesTom Peters popularity 7/10  Tom Peters quotes
 H. A. Ironside popularity 0/10  H. A. Ironside quotesTeresa Stover popularity 0/10  Teresa Stover quotes
 H. Barbusse popularity 0/10  H. Barbusse quotesStephen R. Covey popularity 6/10  Stephen R. Covey quotes
 Greg Anderson popularity 6/10  Greg Anderson quotesSteve Cash popularity 0/10  Steve Cash quotes
 Gene Garman popularity 0/10  Gene Garman quotesWilliam Feather popularity 3/10  William Feather quotes
 George Carlin popularity 10/10  George Carlin quotes 
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